Saturday, February 27, 2010

Firestation, Chuck E Cheese, and the UTC Mall ...

The kids were sick for 2 weeks, so we've pretty much been home bound, as all my creative juices were used up trying to find fun things to do with the kids indoors. They are troopers, and as soon as they were feeling better, we went to parks every morning and fun activities in the afternoon. You couldn't keep us in the house if you tried! They were so happy to be feeling better that Kira actually started walking on her own, for real! We were all very excited for her, and she figured it out fast, because every time she walked across the room, she would stop, and clap her hands. Sooo cute!

Tuesday we went to the Escondido Fire Station, and got a personal tour from a fireman friend of ours. We gathered up all of our toddler friends and had a blast. The kids got to see firetrucks take off with their sirens, a fireman suit up into his fire suit and mask, walk through an ambulance, and see the fireman slide down a fire pole. It was pretty awesome!

Wednesday we went to Chuck E Cheese with a bunch of friends from church, and the kids had a blast on the rides and in the play zone. At one point, some big kid scared Tristan and on the drive home, he tells me, "Mommy, I don't like to be scared. That big kid scared me". Poor guy! It was so precious, but so sad at the same time. I consoled him, that the big kid was probably just wanting to play with him and didn't mean to scare him. That seemed to make it a little bit better.

Thursday we went to the UTC Mall to see Auntie Shyra, who just got back from 2 weeks in Germany. That was fun and Tristan got to ride up and down the escalator so he was happy about that. It was great to see Shyra again and soak in some sunshine together! Such a beautiful day!

Friday the kids and I went to my mom's house (also just got back from 2 weeks in Germany) and Kira got to show off her walking to her Yia Yia as Tristan talked her ear off about everything he could think of. He's a big talker now, and there's so much on his mind, he just has to tell you every single bit of it! So awesome.

Today, Grandma Meef came over to watch the kids while Drew and I met with our interior designer at Loews. We picked out carpet and paint and got lots of great ideas for our new house! We should be closing escrow next week and then we can get in and start the repairs! We are all very excited. Especially Tristan who is looking forward to "new potties". Our future plumber is still obsessed with toilets and it seems they are more important than him having his own room. Kira is the one ecstatic about her own room. She loves to sleep, and Tristan is the opposite. So she gets very mad when he wakes her up early in the morning. Also, she prefers to nap during the day without every toy and blanket and stuffed animal in the room thrown into her crib by her big brother. I think she will love her own space so she can be our sleeping beauty once again.

Tristan is looking forward to spending 2 days in Big Bear with his Grandparents all to himself next week. Such a big dude now! And it looks like we'll be celebrating Drew's 28th birthday weekend painting our new house (Lord willing - if all goes well with the final steps and getting our keys!). Fun fun!