Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

When I think of Saint Patrick's Day, 2 things come to mind: the color green and the story of Saint Patrick, according to Veggie Tales. A must see, it's hilarious. You can find it on YouTube if you search under "VeggieTales St. Patrick". :-)

So often we observe all the little American holidays by wearing green, flying the American flag, or handing out valentines, or letting off fireworks, or having BBQ's at the beach, or taking a moment of silence in honor of lost lives, but how many of us REALLY know what these "holidays" mean or where they originated? Does anyone care who Saint Patrick really was? I may be one of the few, but I sure do! I've always loved history, especially Biblical history or Christian history.

So here goes and do bear with me, I think God's call on Saint Patrick is very interesting:

He was born in the 4th Century in Roman Britain, into a very wealthy family. He father and grandfather were both deacons in the church. When he was 16 years old, he was kidnapped by the Irish and taken back to Ireland as a slave. God told him in a dream to leave, so he escaped and returned to Britain where he studied to be a priest. Then God called Patrick back to Ireland (I think it's interesting that God called him back to the place where he was a slave, where he was most probably mistreated), to teach the Irish people about God. The legend has it that he used a shamrock to teach the people about the Trinity (that God exists as three persons, but in one divine being, also called the Godhead.) After 30 years of ministry in Ireland, he died and was buried there. And to this day is still highly esteemed by the Irish Church. (according to Wikipedia).

So, Saint Patrick's Day IS a religious holiday. Over the years of course, since it is celebrated all over the world, has become more of a secular holiday, with lots of drinking and green traditions. But really, it should be a day in honor of a priest and missionary who brought the truth of God to Ireland.

You may be wondering how all this came about ... A sweet neighbor of mine dropped of these Shamrock Cookies today and I was reminded of their meaning (as her and I discussed the Trinity). A three leave clover (or shamrock) is one little plant. But it has three parts all connected. Three in One. Each part is equal, though separate, yet also connected. Very much like The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. All three are GOD, but separate persons equal in power. I am no theologian, but I love this concept, it makes so much sense to me.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone! (Yeah, I know it's tomorrow, just thought you all might need a heads up so as you celebrate tomorrow, you are celebrating the REAL meaning of St. Patrick's Day).