Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Daddy, Pool" and "Bye-Bye Balloon"

We stayed home from church this morning, because Tristan just got over his fever and rash that he got when he was at Sunday School last week, and we didn't want him getting sick again so soon ...

Drew and Kira slept in this morning, and so Tristan and I went to the grocery store for an urgent need for creamer so that we could make coffee. I must admit that I have fallen prey to the coffee addiction. And I've got to have my creamer to go with it. Silly me. Anyways, so we went to the store and a really nice employee gave Tristan a red balloon. It made his day. He was so excited to bring it home and show it to Daddy and Sissy. (More of the balloon story will continue later ...)

After nap, Drew took Tristan to the pool in the red wagon. This was another dream come true for such a little dude. Every day, Tristan asks for his daddy to take him to the pool. Shortly after they left, me and Kira decided to join them. We had fun splashing around, and it just so happens that Kira is a little fish and loves the water. Tristan was more fascinated with the drains in the pool, the water fountains by the bathrooms, and his excitement was over the "trip to the pool", not actually going into the pool.

We got back, and then Papi came over for the evening. We had an eventful dinner together with Kira trying real carrots for the first time (not pureed), and Tristan making silly faces. Then Tristan showed Papi his red balloon, and kept trying to take it outside. We told him that if he took the balloon outside, it would fly away. It seemed that was what Tristan wanted. So we went out and Tristan let the balloon go, much to his amusement, and we all watched it fly away. It's amazing how something so simple can be the highlight of the evening. We were all very entertained as we tried to keep our eyes on it as it headed toward Escondido ... to Boppa's house, we decided.

And now, the kids are in the bed, the house is quiet once again (except for the hum of the dishwasher), and I look back and realize what a wonderful day we had and what fun it was to have my dad over for dinner. Both kids adore him and it was great to have some quality time with him, telling stories, playing with Drew's new iphone, and sending balloons off to outer space. What a blessing it is to have family close by. Mom and girls, ya need to hurry home, you are all greatly missed!

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