Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Days at the Park

It was so beautiful yesterday that we walked to Discovery Lake Park up the hill by our house and the kids had such a great time! As excited as I am to move into our own home, I will miss our walks to the park. Tristan loves being in nature (picking pinecones, flowers, and rocks on the way), and Kira as happy as a lark, singing and dancing in the stroller. Kira is fascinated with sand (finally, has learned NOT to eat it, thank goodness!), and she just rolls around in it and crawls through it like she owns the place - so much fun! Tristan is finding many new ways to go up and down the slide, and spends most of his time in an imaginary world in the trees and bushes next to the park. He still doesn't understand why the other kids take his sand toys. He's too nice to ask for it back and will follow the kids around waiting for them to drop his shovel, so he can secretly pick it up and run back to me to hold it for safekeeping.

Today we met Auntie Shyra down at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach for a picnic. Both kids love that park. Tristan likes the "tunnel slide" and Kira likes to chase the seagulls that come looking her snacks. It was so awesome to see Kira walking everywhere! She's still wobbly, but doing really good, considering how long it took her to finally try walking on her own! Tristan spent most of his time climbing over the walls and running through the huge grassy lawn, keeping an eye on the "pottys" in the distance and Kira just wobbled around and ended up wherever her feet took her.

We are still waiting to sign our loan docs on our house. It sure is hard to wait! The close of escrow keeps getting delayed, and it is frustrating! We should have closed and had the keys last week, but little obstacles such as the termite work not scheduled yet, and the interest rates dropping that we had to redo all the loan docs. I can't wait to get in and clean the place and witness the transformation my husband has planned for the place. He's been working so hard with estimates of repairs, picking out appliances, etc, scheduling each worker, planning painting parties for him and his friends, and so much more. I couldn't ask for a more diligent and wonderful husband! He has handled everything for this house, and I can't wait to see the product of his labor! If all goes according to schedule, we should be signing the docs Friday and getting the keys Tuesday! Oh please oh please I do hope so!

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