Friday, October 22, 2010

Pain, Pain, Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day

This past month has been a challenging one for us. Our little family has been hit with one sickness after another. From Shingles, to Pink Eye, to a 2 week long Stomach Bug, to a potential Chicken Pox scare (thankfully not!), to Toddler Molars coming in and turning my Angel Baby into Miss Cranky Pants.

I normally like to see the glass as half full, and find the positive in all situations, and I don't complain very often, in fact, I don't even like to complain. But some days, like today for example, I wish that God would give me a new digestive system. What hope is there for a bathroom-bound wife and mother? What benefit is constant pain? I trust God in all things, but sometimes I have to ask him "why" ... "Why me?", "Why this?", "Why now?". I know that the testing of our faith produces numerous good things (especially Patience as it says in James 1:3), but I don't like being tested. I want to be free like everyone else. This condition is like chains holding me down. I'm restless inside, I want out.

It's been over a year now that I've been suffering (or for a better word, dealing) with this condition, and I'm done suffering. I want to eat a fresh salad again or even a bowl of cereal. What about ice cream or even a steak(don't tell my parents) ... I mean, hummus is good and all, but everyday for breakfast? :-)

Will I ever be able to volunteer in my kids' classrooms without having to run to the restroom like an unexpected bolt of lightening? Will I ever make it through an entire shopping trip to Target without having to ditch the cart, grab the kids, and run to the restroom which is always on the opposite side of the store? Will I be able to work my dream job again?

Alright, there ya go, I got it off my chest, now I can move on to better and brighter topics, such as ... PRESCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I can't even imagine how hard it must be for you. The Lord is using this disease for something, sometimes he shows us why and sometimes he doesn't. Either way, I'm praying for you Sister. You are a great mom and wife, don't become discouraged. Love ya <3