Monday, July 6, 2009


We had a fun 4th of July Weekend ... started out the evening before, when we met Drew's family for dinner at Filipi's Pizza. Kira tasted her first black olives and was hooked - sooo cute! Tristan was more into finding the pinball machines, than actually eating pizza, but then we walked around outside and he found lots of drains and was therefore satisfied. He also got frozen yoghurt with Boppa. Yum Yum!

The morning of the 4th, the kids and I walked around the lake at the crack of dawn, then had a relaxing morning at home. After the kids naps, we headed down to North Park, to BBQ with our good friends Adam and Maureen. Drew made his famous buffalo shrimp and that was gobbled up in no time. The kids did great and we had a fun time! We ended our evening with Papi coming over for Tapas and then fireworks at Bradley Park. We found a spot on a grassy area near the park and witnessed Tristan and Kira's first introduction to an all American firework show. It was awesome! Both of them loved it. Tristan kept saying, "oh wow". Kira didn't know what to think, but she didn't seem bothered by the loud noice of the fireworks.

The next morning, Kira woke up with with a runny nose and fever (partially due to teething), but it was really cold the night before and she was out until 9:30pm! It was up and down all day and she was pretty cranky, poor thing. Then Tristan and I left for his friend Erin's birthday party. And Drew and Kira stayed home. We got a call about halfway through that Kira got her foot stuck in her crib during her nap and was very mad. Poor thing! We came home and took another walk around the lake (this always calms the kids down if they're cranky or hyper). It helped Kira relax, and Tristan came down off of his sugar high from the birthday cake he had at the party.

Kira was up all night feverish, but thank you Jesus, Tristan slept through it all! It's amazing how that happens. This morning, we went to get Tristan's hair cut and he was such a good boy. He just sat there still and quiet while the lady cut his hair. Then she gave him a green balloon and he was thrilled! Kira's fever is still fluctuating around 101.5, but the little bit of fresh air did her good. Now both the kids are napping and I am going to clean the house since it looks like a tornado hit. I may take a nap myself, and then start brainstorming on how we should celebrate Kira's first birthday ... just a month away and she will be 1 year old! Woohoo!

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