Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Days

We've been busy the past couple weeks as you can tell, since I haven't updated my blog in a while! We've been busy househunting, organizing playdates for Tristan with his friends, and grilling in the backyard ... We've done other fun things like take the kids to the bug fair at the Encinitas Quail Botanical Gardens and to the little water park in San Elijo. We've been trying to stay cool by splashing around the water table out back, and using our community pool. It's great being all healthy again and enjoying being a family with fun and crazy kids.

Tristan is obsessed with drains these days. Especially "dirty drains" as he calls them. We go on walks in the neighborhood and find all the drains. It's amazing how much joy that brings to him. He even calls the airvents in our house "drains" and is continually mesmerized by them. Parks aren't just about swings and slides, but they are about going on a drain search and stomping on them and putting leaves down them, etc...etc...

Kira is in love with brushing her teeth. She wants to brush her teeth all the time and she can already do it all by herself! It's amazing. If she's ever cranky (which is not that often), you just hand her a toothbrush and she is the happiest girl in the world! She's been busy figuring out how to get around the house by scooting, rolling, and jumping forward on her bottom. It's hysterical. She's busy and noisy and thinks that Tristan is the funniest dude in the world. She laughs at him all the time.

We went to the beach last week with Boppa, Grandma and Mom Mom. Tristan loved being in the sand and catching sand crabs. He built a sand castle with Boppa and every time he sees sand at the park on in movies, he says, "Boppa, sand!" Kira got attacked by a wave while we were there, but she's a trooper, and she had fun nonetheless.

Tristan just learned how to do the limbo by watching one of his KidsSongs dvd's and it's so cute to watch him try! He's quite the dancer these days ... He's also quite the mischeif maker. He got a hold of the baby powder and poured it all around our backyard. "Snow, mama!" That's one way to have snow in summer. It was fun!

We have a full weekend ahead of us with kids' birthday parties, and a baby shower. And probably more househunting, since the house we put an offer on did not get accepted. We're bummed, but excited because that means God has something better for us!

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  1. Wow Harmony....your life is so full of wonderful events. So nice to hear about all that's going on in the other Lawton house.
    Love the picture of Tristan with the drain.
    Sooo cute, who would ever know that makes him happy. Reminds me of Drew and the plunger.
    Creative I'm sure.
    Praying your house comes soon.
    love ya....