Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Days

We are just cruising along, playing all day, going to parks, continuing potty training, and getting Kira motivated to walk. It is such a blessing to be a mommy and I fall more in love with my kids every day.

We spend our week learning our ABC's and our Numbers, and Tristan talks my head off all day long ... Tristan gets time with his Yia Yia in Encinitas once a week, and occasionally we have family dinners at Boppa and Grandma's House.

Last weekend, we went and visited some good friends who moved to Ramona a few months back. It was nice to see their new home and have Tristan reunite with his little girlfriend "Maile".

Kira is teething again, so we've had some rough nights, but overall, God is good, and we're happy to be healthy and well cared for, as Drew works really hard for us. It is such a blessing, because I have the privilege of staying home with my beautiful children!

We had an ant infestation in our pantry last night ---- ahhhhhhhh! Had to throw away a lot of food. Luckily Drew is amazing and he sealed the hole in the pantry that the ants were coming in through.

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