Wednesday, September 9, 2009


August was a crazy month ...

* We had Kira's birthday
* Busy house hunting all during the week and weekends ...
* Community Garage Sale/Tristan's best friend Maile and her family moved to Ramona
* My family flew in from Spain
* I was husband-less for 2 weeks while Drew participated in pre-wedding fun with Scott
* Scott and MA's Wedding
* Kira started crawling/Tristan started talking (not stop!)
* We put an offer down on a house in San Marcos and it was submitted to the bank for approval!

And now, we are in September, and the kids have just gotten over the flu and things seem to be settling a bit. We had a nice relaxing Labor Day Weekend, spent it with dear friends in North Park. Drew is starting worship again at The Movement (our church) this weekend after a year long break (because Kira was born).

I hear a little voice from the other room saying, "Mommy play with me" ... looks like I am being summoned.

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