Monday, July 12, 2010

We're Back!

After two weeks, vacationing it up on the east coast, we are back home and ready to rock and roll!

We had a marvelous time, with dear friends and family and this is what we did: We stayed in an adorably old 4 story beach house, one block from the beach. We rode surreys on the boardwalk, enjoyed water ice (almost daily!) in 111 degree weather, rode lots of rides at the Wonderland and Playland theme parks on the boardwalk, including the Ferris wheel and Carousel, we had warm pretzels, curly fries, funnel cake, monkey bread, and Mack and Manco Pizza (an Ocean City favorite!), but not all in one day, of course.

We also spent several days at the beach, building sand castles and digging giant holes and working on our tans. The kids loves the water and enjoyed gathering sea shells and rocks, etc. We discovered a nice playground in the area and went there twice. The kids got to experience a water park for the first time, and that was a ton of fun!

Drew went fishing and experienced a feast of crabs, and of course had a famous Philly Cheese Steak. We went to WaWa several times for coffee and tasty cakes and Hoagies. The east coast is so weird, but so cool all at the same time! We got to experience the culture of not being allowed to pump your own gas at the local gas stations. That was fun staying in the car and having a gas attendant take care of it all!

We drove through the neighborhoods where Drew grew up and saw the homes he lived in and school and church he went to. It was fun going down memory lane ...

We celebrated the 4th of July with all of Drew's family and friends and watched the fireworks from the beach. It was one of the best firework shows we've ever seen!

2 weeks of fun and craziness, 4 airplane rides later, 10 lbs heavier, skin alot darker, we are glad to be home, and are hoping to rest up (diet again!) and enjoy the routine of our life back here in San Diego.

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  1. We had so much fun with you guys!!!
    Thanks again for taking the big plunge...I know it was a lot to ask...and we are sooo glad you had a great time. Maybe someday we'll be able to do it again.
    Love you guys..