Sunday, June 20, 2010

T - 3 Days ...

We leave for our New Jersey vacation in 3 days ...

Preparation for a trip like this is nearly impossible. I don't really know how to prepare since I have no idea what it's going to be like. Our first 2 week vacation, with both children, out of state, out of their (and mine!) comfort zone. We will be staying for the first couple of days with friends of Andrew's parents, that live right on the outskirts of Ocean City, NJ (I think). Then when the beach house becomes available, we will be staying there for the remainder of the time with Andrew's parents, grandma, sister and her husband and three kids. 12 people sharing a beach house. I can only imagine the noise level and entertainment involved.

Tristan is really excited to fly on an airplane and find seashells on the beach and Kira, well, I've tried to prepare her, but she really has no idea what's happening. She's such a little delight and I'm sure she will light up the airplane with her big eyes, gorgeous smile, and high pitched squeal! I figure if we just feed her trail mix the whole flight, she should keep relatively quiet. Tristan, on the other hand, will probably press the "Call Flight Attendant" button over and over and then take frequent trips to the potty just to make sure it's still there and not broken.

What I am looking forward to most is, time with my husband (2 whole weeks of no work, woohoo!), making memories with the kids, and getting to know Andrew's family better.

Oh and for those of you readers who only know my husband as "Drew" and are wondering why I am calling him "Andrew", well, ya know, it just seems fitting. Andrew means "strong, manly, and warrior", and I am really seeing that side of him as he works in the yard every day and fixes things around the house!

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  1. As a friend of yours who travels a ton I want to encourage you about the flight with young children. It's important to remember that you purchased a seat for them just like everyone else on the plane and kids will be kids. Planes are exciting and a big deal...there will be shreeking and some "I'm done with this plane" moments. You will NEVER see anyone on the flight enjoy the experience and have FUN! I love traveling and will be thinking of you as I head to Idaho with my three this week as well! XO Harm! You are awesome!