Friday, January 7, 2011

"Legacy of Love" dedicated to my Grandma Caligiuri


Why do we start traditions
After our loved ones are gone
Why do we share our secrets
With flowers and a grave

Why do we wait to let tears fall
Until we're kneeling in the dirt
Why do we wait to appreciate
Until after it's too late

I wish we'd started these traditions
While you were still here
I wish I had told you my secrets
While you had a listening ear

I wish I had let you see me cry
When life was hard and times were tough
I wish I had told you how important you were to me
And how your love was always just enough

But now even though you're gone
And even though the ache is here
Your legacy of love
Still draws everyone near

I remind myself as the memories flood in
How much better it must be for you in Heaven
Because life is hard and times are tough
And only God's love is more than enough

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