Saturday, June 25, 2011

Broken vs. Put Back Together

I had a revelation the other day ...

The kids were going crazy and begging me to see my bell collection. (Background: I grew up overseas, and collected little bells from every country I went to as a child). So, to quiet the kids down, I reached for one of my bells from my collection and was about to hand it to a child, when it slipped out of my hands and broke into pieces on the kitchen floor. I don't cry every often. And that made me cry. It was my Italy bell. I love Italy. I've been there about 3 times and would go again if I could. But the responsibility to my children reminded me that a trip to Europe wasn't in the agenda anytime soon. Oh and the recent development of my inability to even take part in Italian food ever again, brought those tears to my eyes.

I gathered up the pieces, and set them aside, as I went back to my energy-filled children, looking at me with their giant curious eyes, and we chose to do an art project instead. Hours later, (it felt like decades), when the kids were finally asleep for the night, I gathered up the pieces of my broken Italy bell in my hand and just stared at them for several seconds, until it dawned on me ... "I am a Mother. Therefore, I am Superwoman. If I can kiss 'owwies'(sp?) to make them better, replace batteries in 5 seconds or less to keep a child from screaming, hem a Karate outfit by hand to fit my toddler who doesn't even know what Karate is, brainwash my 2 year old into loving to brush her teeth, clean the ENTIRE house in under 10 minutes because I just remembered I had a playdate scheduled and I didn't want my friend to think I was a slob, and manage to transform from 'stay at home mom in sweatpants' to 'sexy wife in a sundress with lipstick, jewelry, and perfume on', because my husband called and said he's on his way home from work ... IF I CAN DO ALL THAT (and more, lol), AND STILL HAVE MY SANITY, I CAN FIX THIS DARN BELL. :-)

So I did. See pictures at right for proof of my amazing abilities.

After I did, as I placed that "put back together" Italy bell on my display shelf, THAT is when I had my revelation ... Here it is:

In a heartbeat, something can happen that shatters our world. We feel broken, a mess, unraveled. News about the death of a loved one, a deadline at work you know you can't meet, a national disaster that couldn't be prevented even if we tried ... and we're distraught, without a solution or remedy. Then, someone who cares enough, stares at the broken pieces of our hearts, and picks them up, one by one, with determination to put back together what once was shattered. And prevails. Putting back together the broken pieces and making them one again. It takes time, precision, determination, and patience. But it gets done. That is it's destiny. That Italy bell was made to be a bell. Not a bunch of pieces on the floor. Certainly, the pieces on the floor were used to teach a lesson, or to inspire this blog, but there was a destiny for this bell to be a bell. And to bring back memories of childhood and travels and faith in God. I would have never seen Italy as a child, if it weren't for my parents' faith in God to serve Him overseas all those years.

I see myself as that bell. This past year, I feel like I've been suddenly dropped. Broken into a bunch of pieces on the floor. And without help, there's no way I could put myself back together again. It's been a hard year. One crisis after another, one challenge after another, one disappointment after another. If it weren't for my faith in God and His Divine Hand orchestrating my life, and making sure my destiny be fulfilled, I would still be those broken pieces on the floor. But now, I feel his steady and patient hand, putting me back together again, one piece at a time. And now, as I am coming out of this broken season, I am ready to be whole again, as an example of what love, determination and patience can do to a little broken bell! :-)

It's late, and this may not make sense to anyone, but I just had to share it. Hope it encourages you. And also, I really wanted to share in my accomplishment of putting my Italy bell back together, all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You have a way with words - love this post! :)