Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crock Pot Tortilla Soup Recipe

Tortilla Soup ala Harmony

*Pour 8 cups Water into crock pot
* Wisk in 1 package "Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix" (found at Vons and Wal Mart)
* Add 2 cans Black Beans
* Add 2 cans Mixed Veggies (I like to use the potatoes, carrots, and green beans)

Cook on HIGH in Crock Pot for 4-6 hours. (the longer it cooks, the softer the veggies are)

* One hour prior to the end of cook time, add in 2 cans shredded chicken or 1 package chopped tofu (depending on your protein preferences).

* Serve topped with sour cream and crushes tortilla chips
* This recipe will feed an army, so be prepared to share with neighbors or eat leftovers for a week (but it turns out SO delicious, no one minds the leftovers!!!)

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